CNC Milling

 CNC Milling

Our CNC Milling plant list includes: 

  • 1 off Matsuura MAM72-35V (5 axis - 32 Pallet)
  • 2 off Brother TC-R2B (Twin pallet)
  • 1 off Haas VF3
  • 1 off Haas VF2SS
  • 1 off Super Mini Mill
  • 1 off Kryle 700F
  • 1 off XYZ Pro 3000
  • 1 off XYZ SM 2000

For comprehensive machine capabilities please review the machine specifications detailed below; 


Machine          Matsuura MAM72-35V                                   


X Axis              350mm                                    

Y Axis              350mm                                    

Z axis              300mm                                               

Precision          Sub +/- 0.01mm                                          

Features           32 Pallet 

                         5 Axis simultaneous machining     

                                                                                  Through Spindle Coolant        

                                                                                 High Productivity Machining        

                                                                                  In-cycle inspection



Machine         Brother TC-R2B                                   

X Axis              420mm                                    

Y Axis              320mm                                    

Z axis               305mm                                               

Precision          +/- 0.01mm                                          

                                 Features          Twin Pallet       

                                                         Through Spindle Coolant        

                                                         High Productivity Machining                 





       Machine           Haas VF3

X Axis              1016mm

Y Axis              508mm

Z axis               635mm

Precision          +/- 0.01mm

Features         4th Axis with Trunnion








Machine           Haas VF2SS

X Axis              762mm

Y Axis              406mm

Z axis               508mm

Precision          +/- 0.01mm

Features          4th Axis with Trunnion

                        High Speed Machining






Machine           Haas Super Mini Mill

X Axis              406mm

Y Axis              305mm

Z axis               254mm

Precision          +/- 0.01mm

                                Features           4th Axis with Trunnion






Machine           Kryle 700F

X Axis              700mm

Y Axis              450mm

Z axis               600mm

Precision          +/- 0.01mm







Machine           XYZ  SM2000 & PRO3000

X Axis              780mm

Y Axis              410mm

Z axis               305mm

Precision          +/- 0.02mm

                                Features           Conversational programming



We run 3, 4 and 5 axis machines with single and multi-pallet variants